Failure is


We’ve all felt “less than” at some point—not smart enough, not talented enough. But we’ve found that learning from our failures helps us grow.

Meet Your Peers

MIT students share stories about their own challenges and the strategies that help them learn from their struggles.

Practice Coping Strategies

MIT students share strategies they have used to connect with peers, utilize their resources, and avoid comparing themselves to others.

Strategies to Build Community

Being away from home and far from support as you face academic challenges can leave you feeling sad, isolated, and disconnected. MIT students share strategies that helped them to make new friends and feel more connected as they balanced academic work and competing demands.

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Evan: Making New Connections

Evan discusses how being around other people keeps him energized and how working with people results in a better product.

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Jennifer: Exploring Interests

Jennifer talks about how finding success in other aspects of her MIT life helped her overcome difficult academic experiences.

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Emily: Finding Energy Through Connection

Emily shares how socializing helps her recharge and take a break from focusing on her own problems.

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Jessica: Utilizing Resources

Jessica describes how deans and staff in Student Support Services helped her by balancing her schedule and identifying coping strategies for the future when she felt overwhelmed.