Meet Pradeep


Graduate Student

Chemical Engineering

Struggling with Self-Doubt

Pradeep began his graduate program at MIT excited by his research and internship work, but his motivation faded as the COVID lockdown began and he struggled to define a research focus. Pradeep procrastinated and questioned whether he was cut out to do research. After a demoralizing conversation with his advisor, Pradeep connected with a mentor who helped him reflect on his values and recognize that he is most inspired by applied research and collaborative work. When he aligned his projects with his values, he felt confident and excited by his research again.

I am actually cut out for this kind of work. It's just that I wasn't working on the right kind of problems that excited me in the right kind of environments.”

Pradeep, Graduate Student

Pradeep’s Strategies

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Pradeep: Asking for Help

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Pradeep: Journaling

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Pradeep: Reflecting on Work Values

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Pradeep: Focusing on Self-Care

Another Point of View

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