Meet Neki


Visiting Graduate Student

School of Management

Challenge Areas:

Struggling with Self-Doubt

While spending his teenage years in a foster home, Neki dreamed of a better future and challenged himself to make that happen. Working hard, planning thoroughly, and defying stereotypes, he achieved his goal and arrived at MIT as a visiting student. However, he soon began to feel overwhelmed by the ambitious goals he’d set for his short time at MIT. A thoughtful conversation with a fellow visiting student helped Neki to feel less alone and normalize his struggles.  This validation helped Neki accept imperfection and celebrate his achievements.

My experience here has been a huge success. [...] It was not perfect. But I still have some results. It was a roller coaster. But I can go home.”

Neki, Visiting Graduate Student

Neki’s Strategies

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Neki: Getting Started with Writing

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Neki: Setting Goals and Prioritizing

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Neki: Making Progress

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Neki: Contributing to Class Discussions

Another Point of View

Listen to other students relating to this same struggle and what helped them cope.

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