Prioritizing Well-being

MIT students describe how they create space to be mentally and physically healthy while tackling difficult challenges.

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Pradeep: Focusing on Self-Care

Pradeep describes how taking deliberate steps to engage in fulfilling activities helps him break the loop of anxiety and procrastination.

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Emily: Scheduling Free Time

Emily describes the value of setting aside free time to get off campus, whether alone or with friends.

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Gerardo: Time to Reflect

Gerardo discusses the importance of taking time to reflect on ways he can better himself.

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Daniel: Taking Time Off

Daniel shares how taking time off from academics gave him the time to improve in other aspects of his life.

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Daniel: Exercise

Daniel shares how he built a habit of exercising consistently.

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Mary: Making Time for Joyful Activities

Mary describes how she created space to be mentally and physically healthy while tackling the difficult challenge of qualifying exams.

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