Finding Perspective

MIT students discuss how stepping back and looking at their situations objectively helped them to put their struggles in a broader context and realize that it’s going to be okay.

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Paige: Writing to Gain Understanding

Paige finds that writing down her experiences and emotions helps her gain insight into her challenges.

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Gerardo: Noting Positive Moments

Gerardo describes his habit of reflecting on accomplishments and positive moments at the end of each week.

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Daniel: Seeing the Silver Lining

Daniel describes how setbacks can turn out to be positive opportunities.

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Melissa: Overcoming Decision Paralysis

Melissa shares a perspective shift that helped her to overcome decision paralysis when choosing a major.

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Samir: Keeping Things in Perspective

Samir describes how he took some of the pressure off of big decisions by recognizing that all paths lead to good outcomes.

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