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Graduate Student


Defining a Dissertation Project

During her second year in graduate school, Jennifer found herself struggling to define her dissertation project. Her struggles brought on feelings of inadequacy that made it difficult for Jennifer to participate fully in research discussions and graduate school social events. Talking to a therapist and learning about growth mindset helped Jennifer see her struggle as part of the learning process. Becoming involved in campus wide initiatives through the Office of Graduate Education and taking a subject outside of her department, allowed Jennifer to redefined herself as a capable graduate student and gain self-confidence.

It is OK to struggle. Through those struggles it is actually how you learn and you grow. You shouldn't just place your value and self worth on your successes… but rather if you know that you are growing, that you are learning and that your are challenging yourself, you can find happiness in knowing that.”

Jennifer, Graduate Student

Jennifer’s Strategies

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Jennifer: Growth Mindset

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Jennifer: Exploring Interests

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Jennifer: Taking Small Steps

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Jennifer: Mental Health Support