Meet Melissa


Undergraduate Student


Choosing a Major

At MIT’s Campus Preview Weekend, Melissa was intrigued by what she heard and saw at the Course 15 (Management) open house. Hearing other students talk down about Course 15, however, led Melissa to explore other more technical majors at MIT because they seemed to be what everyone else was interested in. After switching majors three times, a conversation with her mother causes her to shift her perspective. Melissa ultimately declares Course 15 as her major where she finds support in finding her own path.

...what I like doing is just as valid as what other people like doing and it is totally OK that it is different from what the person next to me likes doing...”

Melissa, Undergraduate Student

Melissa’s Strategies

Melissa Talks About Not Comparing Yourself to Others

Melissa Talks About Keeping Things in Perspective

Melissa Talks About Talking to Mentors

Another Point of View

Listen to other students relating to this same struggle and what helped them cope.