Meet Delia


Undergraduate Student

Aerospace Engineering

Challenge Areas:

Finding Her Passion

When Delia came to MIT, she wanted to find her passion: something difficult, challenging, and all consuming. This was her image of an MIT student. After trying multiple subjects and activities and realizing that none were the “one thing” for her, she feels lost. A conversation with her coach helps her realize that what she does like – bring together different ideas and bringing out the best in the people around her – is valuable and valid.

...what I am good at is looking at a whole bunch of different things and bringing them all together and bringing out the best in the people around is still valuable and most importantly, it is what I like.”

Delia, Undergraduate Student

Delia’s Strategies

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Delia: Talking to Mentors

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Delia: Not Comparing Yourself to Others

Another Point of View

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