Meet Samir


Graduate Student

Aerospace Engineering

Choosing a Path

A Course 16 major, Samir finds himself conflicted about whether or not to accept a coveted internship offer from Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Samir found himself questioning his path, a path to become an aerospace engineer that he had been so sure of since childhood. Conversations with his mentor, taking time to explore his non-aerospace interests, and reminding himself to keep things in perspective, helped Samir realize that decisions that he makes today don’t necessarily determine what he will be doing in 20 or 30 years.

I was worried about doing a single thing for a long time... this entire time I had been thinking am I going to be doing engineering or am I gonna do public policy and that was not really the real question to begin with.”

Samir, Graduate Student

Samir’s Strategies

Samir Talks About Talking to Mentors

Samir Talks About Exploring Interests

Samir Talks About Keeping Things in Perspective

Another Point of View

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