MELISSA: I have always struggled a little bit with comparing myself to other people. And especially as a Course 15, I have found it sometimes difficult because it’s maybe not as technical of a major as Course 6. And it’s always been a struggle to wonder– I always wonder why I’m doing this sometimes, because I feel like it’s maybe not as valid. And what has really helped me is just reminding myself that I don’t like what other people are doing. And I really appreciate what they’re doing, but that’s not what I personally like doing.

So that really helps me realize that even though sometimes I do compare myself and feel like, oh, why– I wish I could do that, that’s not actually what I want to be doing in this life. So just kind of changing the mindset and reframing it as realizing my own values and my own interests has helped me with realizing that what I like doing is fine because that’s what I want to be pursuing in this path, and that’s going to be different from what other people want.