GERARDO: Something else that I find really helpful when trying to exercise self-compassion is blocking off time for myself. Because I feel like a lot of times, I’m really tempted to just stay at work and do a lot of work and try to finish all the work that I have for that week. But in reality, blocking off time is just as important, because it allows me to take part in many activities that also benefit myself, such as cleaning my apartment, or even just sitting down and essentially in the silent room and doing nothing. Right.

And so– and times like that really allow me to think through, essentially, activities that I want to do or think through, maybe if something did not go the way I wanted it to, the ways that I could make something better. Instead of just moving on to the next thing, kind of like reflecting on maybe parts of my day that I want to rethink or even interactions that I want to go back to. And I don’t know, it just really helps me out with, kind of finding ways to– finding strategies to better myself.