Meet Teresa

The picture shows five people standing in the lobby of an academic building, each holding a viola with their bow poised and ready to play. Teresa is kneeling in the front center of the photo, smiling with long dark hair and glasses.

There are definitely still days where I feel like I'm going to burst out of my skin or that I'm being suffocated by darkness. But there are more moments now where I feel better. The other day, I realized just out of the blue that I felt happy to be alive.”

The picture shows seven people standing on the snow covered ground with arms around six snowmen. The Great Dome of MIT's Building 10 is in the background.
The picture shows eight people smiling and looking towards the camera with arms around each other. One is holding a program labeled BSO and the stage of Boston Symphony Hall is behind them. Teresa is third from the left with dark hair and glasses, smiling.


Undergraduate student

Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Challenge Areas:

Reckoning with Burnout

In her past struggles with mental health, Teresa had prided herself on being able to push through and excel. After being sent home during the pandemic, however, she realizes that she can no longer pretend to be okay and keep up her usual pace. As she forces herself to slow down and focus on recovery,  she begins to find more moments of joy and connection in her life.

Teresa’s Strategies

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Teresa: Not Overlooking Warning Signs

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Teresa: Not Pushing through Pain

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Teresa: Pacing Yourself

Another Point of View

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