Meet Siyoung

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I've had more days like that one. And yet I've also had more slumps and more breakdowns. But I'm still here. And it's been more than a year since then. And I still have that hope.”

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Undergraduate student


Challenge Areas:

Dealing with Anxiety

After a particular incident where anxious thoughts keep her awake late into the night, Siyoung realizes that her mental health is deteriorating. Talking to a friend motivates Siyoung to seek support from mental health services. Mental health counseling helps her gain more clarity and control over her situation and though her mental health did not improve instantly, Siyoung stays hopeful through the cycles of good and challenging days.

Siyoung’s Strategies

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Siyoung: Recognizing & Acknowledging Emotions

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Siyoung: Tracking Mood Over Time

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Siyoung: Gaining Mental Clarity