Meet Kanika


Graduate Student

Aeronautics and Astronautics


As an international student from India, Kanika was excited to get involved in all of the activities available to her as a student at a U.S. university. However, balancing the desire to do multiple things with the realization that she wasn’t doing anything perfectly was difficult. While overload continues to be a challenge, Kanika tries to remember that self care is important, that advisors and mentors can help her to prioritize her time, and that comparing herself to others is not productive.

They tell you that you don't get a do-over, but it truly felt like I was getting a do-over because I was finally forgiving myself for the mistakes and moving on and helping somebody else along the way.”

Kanika, Graduate Student

Kanika’s Strategies

Kanika Talks About Not Comparing Yourself to Others

Kanika Talks About Feedback

Kanika Talks About Setting Goals and Prioritizing

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