Meet Emily


Undergraduate student

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Challenge Areas:

Sinking into Emptiness

In her senior year at MIT, Emily finds herself lacking motivation and passion, an emptiness that had been building for a long time. She struggles to find the motivation to do academic work as well as daily activities she used to enjoy, like spending time with friends. As she acknowledges how these feelings are disrupting her life, she finds relief in taking time to reflect.

In the moments where I look at the moon suspended in silence, it feels like a silence that is comforting instead of suffocating. It feels like a warm blanket instead of a heavy one.”

Emily, Undergraduate student

Emily’s Strategies

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Emily: Reaching Out to Friends

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Emily: Scheduling Free Time

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Emily: Avoiding All or None Thinking

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Emily: Finding Energy Through Connection

Another Point of View

Listen to other students relating to this same struggle and what helped them cope.

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