EMILY: It can be really helpful to talk to your friends about any mental health problems. Because chances are, they face something similar. Or they know someone who’s faced something similar.

So for example, over the summer, I was talking to one of my friend’s friends. And I was like, “Oh, I’ve been feeling this way recently.” And she was like, “Have you considered it being depression? Because I started feeling this way last semester. And I had no idea what it was.”

And that was when I really started thinking about oh, maybe something’s actually wrong. And that helped kickstart my journey to acceptance, I guess. And it can just be helpful to talk out your emotions. And your friends might offer you perspectives that you didn’t consider yourself.

I think people can be really self-absorbed sometimes, especially when they’re having mental health struggles, not in a judgmental way. I mean, I do it too. You’re like, the world is ending. And everything’s horrible, and my life sucks. And sometimes it can help to have someone from outside that perspective, look at it logically, and help support you.