Meet Daniel


Undergraduate Student

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Challenge Areas:

Taking a Medical Leave

After experiencing a series of setbacks and obstacles that made it difficult for him to focus on studies and take care of himself, Daniel decided to take a medical leave. During his leave, Daniel learned strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety and changed his exercise routine and diet to help him feel more energetic. Daniel returned to MIT a more resilient, calm, and happy student.

The time off from MIT forced me and gave me an opportunity to develop strength and resiliency that has paid off so much now in my life. I am able to accomplish a lot more goals, I am a lot happier, I am able to endure a lot more things.”

Daniel, Undergraduate Student

Daniel’s Strategies

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Daniel: Seeing the Silver Lining

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Daniel: Taking Time Off

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Daniel: Utilizing Resources

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Daniel: Exercise

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Daniel: Growth Mindset