DANIEL: So there’s this good analogy for perseverance. So when you’re out in the wilderness and you’re chopping logs a lot of times you’ll hit the log again, and again, and again, and it’ll show no signs of breaking. But after a certain hit, it will just split in half.

And sometimes when you’re hitting the log, you’ll hit it a bunch of times. And you’ll have to change where you’re hitting it. And then it’ll break. So this is a now an analogy for perseverance.

When I find that I need to accomplish a goal or do something a lot of times, I just have to keep doing it again, and again, and again. And eventually, it will break. And I will be able to accomplish whatever I was setting out to accomplish.

Sometimes I would need to change the strategy if I’ve done – if I’ve tried doing something for a while. So an example would be, let’s say, I wanted to increase how fast I was running. Sometimes it would just be I would have to practice and do drills. And eventually, I’ll run faster.

But other times I might have to do some research on it and get somebody’s help and look at new ways for running faster. So I apply this in all areas of my life: school, exercise, pretty much everything. It is a very effective strategy for perseverance.