DANIEL: So another strategy I found helpful is when there is a problem in my life just to calm myself down and think about the solutions and resources I have to solve the problem. A lot of times when I am faced with a problem, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s available to me, the help available to me, and the resources that are available to me. So what I like to do is when I’m running, or after a run, or whenever I’m feeling calm, or maybe when a problem just comes up, I think about all the solutions and resources that I have to solve the problem.

So, for example, if I wasn’t doing well in the class, I could do something that calms me down. In my case, I like running. And I think to myself, what solutions and resources do I have to solve this problem? So I would think maybe I have S^3, I have my friends in the class.

I can talk to the professor. I can go to office hours. I would just list out all these solutions and resources. And I find that really helpful for solving problems. And I even use that to accomplish goals, which may not necessarily be problematic in my life.