Study Strategies

Hear how MIT students have fine tuned problem solving and note taking strategies and have utilized office hours when struggling with academic performance.

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Jessica: Prioritizing Office Hours

Jessica prioritizes office hours by adding them to her calendar to get clarification on material and problems she finds confusing. She finds both the academic and social support of teaching assistants to be helpful.

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Jessica: Noting Questions During Class

Jessica explains how she marks questions or confusing points as she takes notes and then asks the professor or TA for clarification right after class.

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Jessica: How to Approach Psets

Jessica becomes aware that working with others on problem sets allowed her to get by without fully understanding. She adopts the new strategy of working on the problems alone first and then filling in gaps by working with others.

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Jeba: Recognizing Gaps in Knowledge

Hear how Jeba asked for academic support and fine-tuned her study strategies when she found herself struggling with classes.

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Katie: Studying for Deeper Understanding

Katie discusses how she asked for academic support and fine-tuned her study strategies after receiving a lower than expected grade on an exam.

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