JESSICA: There were a couple of things that I decided that I would do differently. So the first was in class how I take my notes. So I typically just write everything the professor says. Because in my brain I need to have everything so I can make reference to. But in addition to that, sometimes when the professor says something that was unclear to me, I don’t want to break the floor by asking a question like I would typically do.

So what I do is I put a question mark next to the topic or next to that section in my notes and then as soon as class is over, I Zoom over to the professor and I’m like, hi, at this point in the lecture you said this, did you mean A or B? And then for a couple of other question marks that I have, I just tried to get all of those clarified even before I leave the classroom. And I found that that was very helpful because instead of saying, oh, I’ll go to office hours, so I’ll clarify this someway somehow later. Just getting that clarification really, really helps in making sure that you understand everything that was delivered before you go off to try practicing on your own.