Meet Magdalena

A building in London

There are ups and downs, but it's getting better. And before I knew it, I'm going to be talking in English without getting nervous. ”

Magdalena in front of MIT's iconic dome building
Magdalena looking at the horizon during sunset


Graduate Student

Urban Studies & Planning

Challenge Areas:

Overcoming Language Barriers

As a non-native English speaker, MIT graduate student Magdalena struggled to find her voice in academic and professional settings in English-speaking environments. Consumed by anxiety when forced to speak English, she found herself withdrawing from others and failing to ask questions of her professors. Over time, however, she challenged herself to view her English skills as an area of growth rather than a source of embarrassment.

Magdalena’s Strategies

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Magdalena: Reframing Critical Thoughts

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Magdalena: Rehearsing Before Stressful Situations

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Magdalena: Breathing Exercises

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Magdalena: Cultivating Compassion

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