Meet Jessica


Undergraduate student

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Challenge Areas:

Feeling Homesick

During her first month at MIT, Jessica’s homesickness for Ghana made it difficult for her to focus in classes and make friends. She questioned her decision to come to MIT. Her freshman advisor encouraged her to think about the reasons why she chose to attend MIT and the opportunities she wanted to explore. Jessica joined the African Students Association and the MIT Gospel Choir, where she found supportive and welcoming communities. She also discovered how many other students shared similar struggles. Over time, Jessica develops deep friendships, finds support through S3, lands on effective learning strategies, and feels a sense of belonging at MIT.

I’ve come to realize that I actually have another home at MIT with friends who have become like family [...] where I can thrive and grow.”

Jessica, Undergraduate student

Jessica’s Strategies

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Jessica: Prioritizing Office Hours

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Jessica: Noting Questions During Class

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Jessica: Utilizing Resources

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Jessica: How to Approach Psets