TIM: I like to write things down, and there’s different ways you can do this, but the way that I’ve devised, ever since the summer, is planner. So you have a planner to work out things on a sort of a weekly basis, so you get a weekly planner.

And on top of that, I think one of the most valuable things for me is keeping the notebooks like this, like the notebook that I wrote all my commitments on. It’s very freeing. It’s very liberating, mentally, to have a space to put your ideas down, put any sort of task you need down.

And then it’s there. It’s external from yourself. And now you can evaluate, take a step back, and prioritize accordingly. So for example, if you need to figure out, what am I doing next semester? Should I be spending my time the way that I am?

One way that I found works is writing down a list, and then maybe some thoughts about each one. And then if you don’t like it, cross it out. Everybody’s different, and I think figuring out a way that works for you is good, but there’s something very powerful, I think, about writing things down in the task of prioritizing and organizing your time.