TIM: Knowing your own body clock– at least for me, knowing my own body clock has been absolutely game changing in the way that I organize my days because I’m the type of person– I’m absolutely a morning lark. First four hours after I get up, I am sharp. That’s when I’m the most mentally acute. And then after that, it kind of goes down to a normal level.

And then I’ve just observed in myself that after 12 hours of being awake, things– I don’t know. Things get a little bit different about the way that I interact with the world. I’m no longer able to sustain my attention on p-sets for very long, for example, things like that. I’m definitely most acute in the mornings. And so having an idea of how that works for you I think would be extremely, extremely helpful.

For example, for me, since I most alert in the first four hours after waking up, that’s usually when I do a lot of the harder thing– p-set items. Or I like to take classes in that time because that’s when I feel like I can learn most efficiently and organizing things accordingly. So things that aren’t necessarily as mentally taxing like going to the gym, your routine workout, you could probably put that at the end if you’re not most cognitively efficient then or flip it. You do that in the morning if you’re kind of a zombie. And then you wake up with the nights.