ANDY: It was very different things. I wanted to make more of a memorial story around people that had left their dorms and represent people by their Zoom– smartphones talking where they talk on Zoom to have this one.

The aesthetic image of having a person that approaches and enters the video in the real world, that came out of iterations of that idea, which you could also– that idea also works as a documentary but really showing we are pushed into this square. I found some better language through the process and just conversations along the way.

ROBBY: And this was–

ANDY: Yeah, I think it grew out of this dorm archiving project or idea that I was having, which I then dropped because I found something more convincing for me.

ROBBY: Yeah, well, and I also think it’s interesting– I mean, you very literally you turned it back on yourself, this idea of documenting other people’s experiences. You really focused inward in a way. And–

ANDY: Yeah.

ROBBY: –it’s, yeah– and we get this sort of strange hall of mirror effect of watching you move through the virtual, to the real, to back– which is reflected in the real and the the reverse. Yeah, I really enjoy that.