ANDY: You need to reduce yourself to fit into this frame. And that is a big thing. I try to reclaim it. And in socials, it totally doesn’t work because it feels so transactional.

But I want to reclaim my humanity. I’m not just this other side that I can call with. And that’s really hard to digest. Yeah. Also there, like in the first video, the person that clicks through these browser tabs, what a miserable life? If you just think there’s really no personality that they can really show.

ROBBY: So did you feel then that you made progress in this time, like reclaiming that? Or the realization that this is a miserable life of browsers and tabs, is that revealing of something to you?

ANDY: So I think you can reframe everything to be positive. I totally learned in this year that it’s a growth process. I think what this time can be really good at is zooming in on some relationships that you have.