GERARDO: So something that really helped me with, kind of like, being thankful for, like, everything around me or the experience that I’m having is something called a Thankfulness Journal, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s pretty much just like a journal, or it can even be a piece of paper where you just write down some things that you’re thankful for. And it can be pretty simple.

The way that I did it a while back was, I took a journal that I didn’t really use that heavily anymore, and then I just opened it up to a random page. I labeled it “Thankfulness Journal.” And I would fill it out right before going to bed with three things that I was thankful for that day. And I feel like a lot of times when I talk about this journal with people, they often think of like, oh, man, how do you find three big things you’re really thankful for? But straight up, some of the things that I put on there were like, I am thankful for my coffee mug. I am thankful for the bag of popcorn that I ate today, and I am also thankful for the dog I saw on my walk back home. Right?

So it’s just– it just forces you to kind of think through your day. And even when it’s like really sad, it can be a way to remind yourself that there is good in the world, so to speak. That even if your day does not go well, there were things that went well, overall.