ROBBY: So for you, can you remember initially how you were thinking about this and then how it changed a little bit?

LULU: Yeah, I think initially I didn’t have a super concrete idea of what I wanted to do. But I was kind of at home for an extended period of time for the first time since high school, where everyone was at home, everyone was doing their work in the same place. So that kind of new experience of being back in my childhood home slash my teenage home with my family again felt kind of unique. And it brought up a lot of memories and made me reflect on who I was before and who I am now and what changes there have been.

So I had this general idea of wanting to explore the space around me and how my own growth and my family’s growth was kind of reflected within it. Just because I was there the whole time, and so I was taking in a lot and also thinking about it a lot.