SPEAKER 1: The school has been able to offer so far. Now you haven’t changed the topic you’re going to teach us?

SPEAKER 2: Absolutely. Being on the board, I have, you know, been in touch with the school community, and in order to take my field, have said it–

SPEAKER 3: (ON TV) Not, no plan, leave it up to the states, and attack what the states are doing. Attack, you know, the basic steps people ought to take, wearing a mask, social distancing, that would actually help the states reopen.

SPEAKER 4: Horrible, unless, you know.

SPEAKER 5: Oh yeah?


SPEAKER 4: How many?

SPEAKER 5: Got to be, great.

SPEAKER 9: Awesome.


SPEAKER 6: In the mail, yeah.

SPEAKER 7: Based on the examination you took, such as AP–

SPEAKER 8: Like, we have one great benefit out of this. We’re all together eating.

SPEAKER 9: Yeah.

SPEAKER 6: And he’s always cooking, and you’re always cooking.

SPEAKER 8: Yeah, we’ve haven’t had, you know, such, like, so much time together, yeah, eating, for a long time.

SPEAKER 3: (ON TV) It just makes me worry that we can actually doing anything about it. We’re not going to do enough about it. So I don’t know what he’s talking about. And this is likely, sadly, I hate saying it, likely to get worse before it gets better.


SPEAKER 8: I want to take a picture, thank you, post. This page is amazing.

SPEAKER 9: Yeah, that’s just amazing.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah.

SPEAKER 9: No, no, this whole book. Yeah, gosh, I’m definitely going to keep it.

SPEAKER 6: Look, I even like drew drawings and like illustrated my own story.

SPEAKER 5: Twins.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, yeah.

SPEAKER 9: You are.

SPEAKER 6: I am, but not to this extent. I’m not being creative anymore.

SPEAKER 5: Write it now so, you know, 20 years after you’re going to text.

SPEAKER 6: I write, I write a journal every day. I write, I write an entry. But they’re not as fun as this. I just write about what I do.


SPEAKER 5: What are you– are you recording?

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, I’m doing this video program where we just record from our daily lives.

SPEAKER 5: Nice. Record Phil.

SPEAKER 6: I did.

SPEAKER 5: Oh, that’s actually kind of cool.

SPEAKER 6: To get more of like–

SPEAKER 5: Can I show them the chips?

SPEAKER 6: Yeah.

SPEAKER 5: So who’s going to see this?


SPEAKER 8: So like you’re such like a composed, you know, like, little girl, knowing what to do. It just very like, very smart. And you know what?

SPEAKER 6: I realize I really don’t know what I want to do.

Well, I was like several days behind.

I just have so many random aspirations. Just why can’t I do it all? I doubt my abilities.

I just stopped writing in the middle of a sentence.

Nothing has changed. This literally sounds like I wrote it yesterday.

SPEAKER 8: Well, talking about creation, you are always creating things. In life, there are just many different kinds of radiations.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, but like I feel like creativity is usually like self-driven. Like, I don’t really do any creative things any more. But the things I do on my own or out of my own motivation are creative.



This is what it feels like to start it again.

So I’ll sign off by writing a list of goals. And when I’m older, I’ll see if I’ve reached them. Here are my goals. Be the smartest in my class.


SPEAKER 6: In math club, get a trophy.

SPEAKER 8: You did that. All right.

SPEAKER 6: Julie?

SPEAKER 9: Yeah.

SPEAKER 6: Don’t fight with my brother as much.

SPEAKER 8: Yeah, you’ve succeeded at that. Yeah.

SPEAKER 6: That’s a good goal. Beat my temper.

SPEAKER 8: Yeah, well, you’re always a good tempered person.

SPEAKER 6: No, when I was a kid, I was not good-tempered.

SPEAKER 8: No, you were good.

SPEAKER 6: Go to Harvard or MIT for a good college. Yes. All right. Only guys, I said make new friends.

SPEAKER 9: Oh, yeah, yeah.

SPEAKER 6: There’s a lot of different level priorities here.

SPEAKER 8: And, OK, go on.

SPEAKER 6: We’ve been, I don’t know.


SPEAKER 6: Like let me see this. It says make an important contribution to the world.

SPEAKER 8: All right.

SPEAKER 6: Then get a job that I like.

SPEAKER 8: OK, that’s cool. Keep doing it. Yeah. Keep doing.

SPEAKER 6: Then decide for sure what I want to be when I grow up.

SPEAKER 8: Yeah, even now you’re not sure.

SPEAKER 6: Even now I don’t know.

SPEAKER 8: Yeah.

SPEAKER 3: (ON TV) Where we were several months ago, a much better place. We are not there yet. We are seeing some early light at the end of this tunnel.




SPEAKER 8: Wow, so this is very abstract.

SPEAKER 6: Yeah, it’s not like super important to like understand everything. It’s just supposed to give you a feeling of what it is.

SPEAKER 8: Yeah. That’s it.