At the end of the final, I actually felt really, really good about what I’d learned. I’d answered the last question. I sat there and I was like, this is highly improbable, but I feel like I actually might have gotten 100% of that. I understood all of those questions. I answered them well. I think I really understood this, and understood it to a degree that I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t had to dig in my heels so hard. I probably, if I had done well on that first exam, would have continued to kind of half understand the material and answer the questions to the best of my ability, but not really understand what was going on.

And I was actually the last person to finish that final. Most people left early. And when I gave it to my professor at the end, we had a nice conversation. I was like, thank you for not letting me drop this class and for pushing me to understand the material better.

He was like, oh, thank you for engaging with it, thank you for putting in the time to understand this. So we had a nice moment. And I was very proud of that class. I barely squeaked by with the A, but that is probably the great I’m proudest of in my MIT education.