I sort of figured I needed to get my life in order. And I searched online to find like, what are the best planners, academic planners. And I landed on this particular planner, the brand that I use, which is Passion Planner. And what it really asked me to do is to make a roadmap of everything that I needed to do in order to succeed at a task.

I set myself a task for a year, three years, three months. And then you break it down into little chunks, and then you break that down into little chunks. Just laying out the challenge in front of me was very reassuring. Because part of the issue is, you look at this and you say, this is an impossible task, I can’t possibly learn everything they expect me to know. But when you break it down, then it starts to become like, OK, I can chip away at those little bits and get to where I need to be.

All of these organizational tasks are also rewarding because you feel like you’ve accomplished something, even though all you’ve done is write down what your plan was. And in some ways, that was its own reward, was to see that I had a plan. And that was a level of competency that I was already demonstrating, that I wasn’t just floating about staring at my phone, which I have spent time doing sometimes when I have not got my stuff together.