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Graduate Student


Challenge Areas:

Making Progress

After transitioning to working remotely during the pandemic, Vyshnavi struggled to focus on her research given the distracting environment around her and her expectations for how much she should be getting done. Finding herself demotivated as day after day she fails to complete the more important tasks on her list, she decides to start by tackling a few simple tasks she knows she can complete to remind herself that progress is possible. Vyshnavi realizes that working from home will require her to adjust her expectations. Though she recognizes that she may not be as productive as she hoped given the circumstances, she can still tackle her tasks one by one and make progress towards her goals.

I definitely have a better understanding, after more than a year into the pandemic, that things will happen. I will make progress. The rate at which I make progress while adapting to a completely new situation should not and will not bother me anymore.”

Vyshnavi, Graduate Student

Vyshnavi’s Strategies

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Vyshnavi: Setting Realistic Expectations

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Vyshnavi: Sharing Struggles with Peers

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Vyshnavi: Letting Go of Thoughts

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Vyshnavi: Breaking Down Big Goals