Summer Event

Flipping Failure Summer Workshop Series

Getting Re-situated: Academic Journeys During the COVID Crisis

This summer we are hosting a workshop series to capture and make visible experiences of academic struggle during COVID times. The workshop series will be a guided process of reflection and discovery to capture and transfigure your unique story of challenge.

All MIT undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to APPLY by 11:59pm on Monday, June 29, 2020. Please note that to establish a close-knit cohort and provide adequate coaching, space is limited to four participants.

Who should participate

Any undergraduate and graduate student interested in sharing their story of academic struggle during COVID, particularly through a creative lens. Participants will work with an artist to turn their stories into creative digital media narratives. These narratives will be shared with the MIT community through the Flipping Failure website.

Duration and time commitment
  • Two 2-hour synchronous workshops every week from July 6 to August 10 (6 weeks total). The workshop facilitator is based on the East Coast. Meeting times will be established collaboratively to try to accommodate students that wish to participate from different time zones. 
  • Exercises will be provided after each workshop to help participants reflect, experiment with different forms of media, and craft their story.  
  • The weekly time commitment  averages between 6-8 hours (including workshop time). We anticipate that the time commitment will move from the lower end of that range to the higher end of that range as you move from the stage of reflection and exploration to production.
Prior knowledge needed

None. No prior experience producing digital media is required. The goal of this workshop series is to help you craft a narrative based on your own experience. Media will be used to serve this goal, with plenty of help provided by the workshop facilitator as needed. You are welcome to delve deeply into learning digital media techniques, but technical mastery is not required or expected. Students who are primarily interested in developing a narrative are encouraged to apply.

What to expect during the workshop series

The first half of the workshop series will be devoted to cohort building, with some fun exercises to generate ideas and explore the story that you would like to tell. The second half of the series will be dedicated to providing direct guidance and feedback to the crafting and shaping of your story.

Tools needed

We will be using tools that  are either free or available through MIT. Any additional materials you need will be provided to you by us.

Additional questions?

Email flippingfailure[at]